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The world and the Internet is full of data and evidence. In a world full of noise you can still get the right piece of  information for your cases. Get access to our webinar to discover how to use the internet for your investigations and analysis

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About the author


I'm  Antonio Iafano

I am the founder of Hyperintelligence. I am in the security industry since 2010 and am  specialized in gathering and analyzing public and open information. Before starting my own company have worked as researcher, journalist, consultant and officer. I have also worked for United Nations in Nairobi, collaborated with law enforcement and work experience in war zones.

Nowadays, I and my team build intelligent solutions for companies and organizations. On this website we help and train investigators and security professionals to find faster and better answers.


“Antonio delivers high-quality training sessions exposing disruptive analysis techniques  in a clear way, providing real examples ”

Ph.D. Iovine A. - Stanford University

“Antonio provided a very fresh and inspirational learning experience coupled with practical expert tips on how to run an online investigation  - I would recommend you to try it!"

Verena L. - Security corporate

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