The company

We are a consulting firm specialized in providing simple solutions for complex problems.
We eat datasets for breakfast, build products all day and engineer while sleep!
We are a consulting firm with unique expertise in cutting-edge technology.
Our world class team mix engineeringdata sciencesecurity and product management to empower individuals and organisations around the world.

Core values

1. We believe that technology can augment humans to solve the biggest challenges  

2. We believe that knowledge is synonymous of power 

3. We believe that any human and any organization can outperform with the right information

4. We believe that technology is meant to empower the world rather than destroy

5. We are here to make sure technology will give the earth a better future


Antonio iafano

Antonio Iafano is the CEO of Hyperintelligence. He is graduated in Investigative Sciences and holds a Master's Degree in Information Security and a second Master's Degree in International Relations. He started his career in countering organized crime working for several NGOs.
He worked with United Nations, Universities, Think tanks, NGOs and corporations.
During his career he has held various position including, journalist, researcher, analyst and consultant 
Nowadays, he helps organizations and professionals to solve problems with cutting-edge solutions. 


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