EXCLUSIVE FREE training for investigators, analysts, journalists and security professionals:

How to use the Internet and Open Sources for your investigations and analysis 

In this webinar you'll discover the most powerful investigative techniques and tools to gather and analyze information about people, organizations and events and:

  • How to use the internet and technology for the investigative work
  • How to turn Google into a powerful ​investigative machine
  • How to investigate using social media

​The instructor

Antonio Iafano is an investigator and security data scientist.

He is the CEO of Hyperintelligence, an intelligence consulting firm that help businesses and organizations reduce the uncertainty.
He is in the security industry since 2010 and is specialized in gathering and analyzing public and open information.

He trains security professionals and works with security firms, law enforcement, think tanks, universities and international organizations.

  • 10 + years’ experience in the information security industry
  • Background and work experience in journalism, security research, international organizations, NGOs and security corporate
  • He worked with Law Enforcement in countering organized crime
  • Work experience in war zone

“Antonio delivers high-quality training sessions exposing disruptive analysis techniques  in a clear way, providing real examples ”

Alessio Iovine, Ph. D.  //  University of California, Berkeley

“Antonio provided a very fresh and inspirational learning experience coupled with practical expert tips on how to run an online investigation  - I would recommend you to try it!"

Verena L. //  Corporate security

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